Seal & Design is an industry leader offering a wide variety of seals and sealing products. Our quality control methods for material and manufacturing processes ensure that all seals leaving our factories are in a condition capable of giving a long and reliable service life.

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Hallite Seals

Hallite Seals International are an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer and provider of Hydraulic Seals and sealing solutions to the global fluid power industry.

They operate in all five continents of the world and work with a number of major international brands. Hallite is renowned for their commitment to engineering excellence. 


 SKF SLC produces over 30 million seals each year in close to 50,000 part numbers. We have many standard rod seal, piston seal and dirt excluder product lines for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, including eight types of rods seals.

Bonded Seals

Fastener seal designs feature an elastomeric sealing element molded in place within a metal retainer (washer). Although resembling a simple o-ring groove concept, the mold in place fastener seal offers numerous advantages.

The standard metal component is cadmium plated low carbon steel, and the standard elastomer materials is buna-n or Viton.


The Rotary Shaft Seal is used for excluding dirt, dust, water or other particles, while retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment. It was developed as a means of protecting bearings of rotating shafts. PTFE lip seals are formed or machined from wear-resistant PTFE or TEFLON™ (trademark is owned by The Chemours Company) composites for long life, low friction, high surface speeds, poorly lubricated conditions, and soft shafts.


Oil Seals
IM Seals
PTFE Lip Seals
V-Ring Seals


High performance spring energized polymer seals offer extreme-temperature, high-pressure, chemically inert, static and dynamic seals for the most demanding applications.

Our thin, flexible PTFE sealing jacket, made resilient by an internal energizing spring, applies a load to the sealing element at low pressures. As the system pressure increases, the spring engages to create a highly efficient seal against the mating surface. The spring provides permanent resilience to the seal jacket and compensates for jacket wear, hardware misalignment or eccentricity.


Millions of o-rings in all standard AS568-B sizes.


A wide variety of gasketing products - fabricated in dozens of materials in hundreds of formulations


Hallite, SKF, Rotary, Bonded Seals, and Performance Plastics

Molded Products

Transfer, injection (LIM), and compression molded from any elastomer


Gap fillers, thermal insulators, and thermal tapes


O-Ring and gasketing material with strong chemical resistance properties

Vapor Membranes

Hydrophobic, oleophobic and hydrophilic ePTFE venting membrane materials


Fabric over foam and conductive elastomers