Loctite product range offers unchallenged performance and consistency for even the most demanding applications in the automotive, microelectronics, aerospace and medical industries.


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For successful bonding, knowledge of adhesive methodology is essential. The most frequent causes for adhesive failure do not involve adhesive strength. Rather, they are attributed to inadequate preparation of the substrates and improper adhesive selection. 

The most important factor in proper adhesive selection is assessing the environment the adhesive must withstand. Once the environmental factors have been recognized, adhesive selection becomes more easily defined as other factors, such as joint design, substrates, load, stress cycles, etc., can often be varied or altered with minor design changes.


Loctite® cleaners and degreasers are highly effective and are available in both aqueous and solvent-based formulations. When choosing a cleaner or degreaser, the major factors to consider are dry time, residue, odor, and substrate compatibility.


Technology from Henkel Corporation has made the productivity promises of cyanoacrylate adhesives (instant adhesives) a reality with the industry’s widest selection of high-performance, application-specific, instant adhesives. Loctite® instant adhesives are available in a variety of viscosities, cure speeds, gap-filling capabilities, and substrate compatibilities.



For successful gasketing, the seal must remain intact and leak-free over a prolonged period of time. Therefore, the gasket must resist the fluid and/or gaseous medium being sealed or excluded, and withstand the operating temperatures and pressures to which it is subjected.


Anaerobic gasketing technology has revolutionized flange sealing in the automotive industry, the assembly of heavy equipment, and the manufacture of various types of fluid power equipment. Loctite® anaerobic gasketing materials remain liquid when exposed to air, but cure when confined between mating flanges. Anaerobic gasketing products are best suited for small gap applications and rigid metal-to-metal assemblies.


Loctite® silicone gasketing materials include unique products with excellent fluid resistance, formulations for high operating temperatures and UV-curing formulations for cure-in-place production requirements. Silicone gasketing products are best suited for large gap applications and stamped metal assemblies where flange flexing occurs.


Lubricants are substances used to reduce friction. Their primary function is to prevent metal-to-metal contact in tooling, dyes or finished components. Examples include bearing applications, metal forming or metal removal. 

Lubricants can be petroleum-based or water-based. Anti-Seize are substances that provide complete protection against rust, corrosion, seizing and galling as well as lubrication.


Loctite® Anti-Seize products provide protection against rust, corrosion, seizing and galling as well as lubrication. Anti-seizes are typically the products of choice for high temperature applications because of their unique ability to provide protection in extreme temperature conditions. 

Each product contains a combination of solid lubricating agents resulting in different high temperature limits and lubricities. These are the two major factors in choosing the right anti-seize product for your application.


Loctite® retaining compounds fill the “inner space” between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly.
Formulated in a variety of viscosities, gap fills, flexibility, and strength characteristics, Loctite® retaining compounds can be applied with automated process equipment or dispensed manually.


Invented by Loctite Corporation, now Henkel Corporation, as a revolutionary method to lock and seal threaded fasteners, Loctite® liquid threadlockers have found wide acceptance in a range of applications – from delicate electronic components to heavy construction equipment.

Loctite® threadlockers are available in varying viscosities and strengths for virtually any application, including exposure to extreme environments. Patented, revolutionary QuickStix semi-solid formulas offer added convenience and portability.


Loctite® liquid thread sealants seal and secure metal pipes and fitting, the space between threaded metal parts, and hardening to prevent leakage. Designed for low and high pressure applications, liquid thread sealants seal instantly for low pressure testing. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems. 

The new innovative semi-solid stick formula offers added convenience and portability for general maintenance and hard to reach applications.


Q: What is LOCTITE?

A: LOCTITE is the trusted choice for adhesives, sealants and surface treatment solutions in maintenance, repair and manufacturing segments.

Q: What is a threadlocker?

A: Threadlocker is a chemical liquid that helps to secure nuts and bolts against self-loosening due to vibrations.

Q: What are the different strengths of threadlocker?

A: LOCTITE Threadlockers are colour coded. Purple (low strength), blue (medium strength), red (high strength), and green (wicking grade).

Q: How to get threadlocker loose?

A: The low and medium strength threadlocker products can be disassembled using hand tools itself while the high strength LOCTITE products need heat and sometimes power tools to disassemble.

Q: What is a thread sealant?

A: LOCTITE Thread Sealants offer an effective and inexpensive method to seal pipe joints and prevent potential leakages. Being a paste, they can be applied easily between the threads of metal pipe joints.

Q: What is RTV Silicone?

A: RTV silicone adhesive is a ready-to-use sealant that can resist weathering and chemicals. There are many different grades of LOCTITE silicone RTV meant for different applications, please contact us for more information.

Q: What does RTV stand for?

A: RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing. This means that the silicone will start curing as soon as it is exposed to the moisture in air.

Q: What is a retaining compound?

A: LOCTITE retaining compounds are used to secure bearings, bushings and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. Because LOCTITE retaining compounds are liquids, they take up the entire space between two close fitting cylindrical surfaces and harden into a tough thermoset plastic to unitize the assembly.

Q: What is LOCTITE instant adhesive?

A: LOCTITE instant bonding adhesives, otherwise known as cyanoacrylate adhesives, are typically used for fast and reliable bonding of various materials within seconds; materials such as metals, rubber, polystyrene, wood, even the latest generation of plastics.

Q: What is a cyanoacrylate adhesive?

A: The term cyanoacrylate adhesive applies to most instant glues as they are usually derived from ethyl and cyanoacrylate esters which transform into a plastic state once curing. The esters in the glue will react to any moisture present in the application to form a tight chain between the two surfaces.

Q: Does Loctite expire?

A: When LOCTITE products are in their packaging they have a duration when they perform the best. The shelf life varies by technology. Please reach out to us for any specific product questions.


Millions of o-rings in all standard AS568-B sizes.


A wide variety of gasketing products - fabricated in dozens of materials in hundreds of formulations


Hallite, SKF, Rotary, Bonded Seals, and Performance Plastics

Molded Products

Transfer, injection (LIM), and compression molded from any elastomer


Gap fillers, thermal insulators, and thermal tapes


O-Ring and gasketing material with strong chemical resistance properties

Vapor Membranes

Hydrophobic, oleophobic and hydrophilic ePTFE venting membrane materials


Fabric over foam and conductive elastomers