Rogers’ BISCO® silicone sponge offerings are top quality, highly engineered products designed to meet the most demanding applications. Rogers is a world technology leader in innovative solutions for power electronics, advanced foams for cushioning and protective sealing, and high-frequency printed circuit materials. When reliability, efficiency and performance are critical, design engineers partner with Rogers to develop and deliver the material technologies they require.

BISCO® Material Selection Guide

BISCO® high-performance silicone sponge materials include:



BISCO® Cellular Silicones are ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation, and insulation. Their resistance to environmental extremes, mechanical resilience and safety features make them perfectly suited for critical applications in transportation equipment, communications and electrical enclosures, electronic products and components, industrial machinery and appliances. BISCO Silicones also offer superb flame resistance and fire protection.

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(includes products: BF-1000, BF-2000, HT-350, HT-800, HT-820, HT-840, HT-870, L3-XX40, RS-720, RS-750, RS-770)


BISCO® bun silicone is a cellular silicone that is cast into blocks up to 8 inches thick. This lightweight, high quality material is typically used in cushioning and sealing applications and features FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) resistance. With a low compression set, and superior weather and UV resistance, this foam is favored as a cushion foam in passenger rail car and mass transit seating.

MF1®Bun Silicone comes in soft, medium, and firm in it’s traditional white color. MF1-55 is now available in gray, and is targeted more toward general industrial applications. BISCO® SilFXTM foam is the lightest silicone foam that is specially designed for aircraft seating and cushioning. As a non-petroleum, open-cell silicone, SilFXTM eliminates the need for fire-blocking while allowing for thinner seat cushions with lasting comfort.

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(includes products: MF1-35, MF1-55, MF1-75, MF1-SilFX)


BISCO® Solid Silicones are designed for use in high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications. They are avaialable in a range of durometers and thickenesses to suit a variety of applications. Grades of Solid Silicones are also available with fiberglass reinforcement for increased tear strength and dimensional stability.

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(includes products: HT-1240, HT-1250, HT-1260, HT-1270, HT-1500, HT-6135, HT-6210, HT-6620, HT-6240, HT-6360)


BISCO® Specialty Silicone materials is a product line designed to meet strict, industry-specific needs. This line includes: electrically conductive silicone, patented fire blocking material, acoustic barriers, and silicone coated fiberglass cloth. These materials are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and industry flame tests.

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(includes products: A2 & A2R Sound Barrier, EC-2130, FPC, HT-1500, HT-200, IF-200, RF-120)