The name “perfluoroelastomer” is somewhat misleading. An actual perfluorinated material with a high molecular weight is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE which has the chemical formula (CF2)n. The molecular carbon chain is shielded by the chemical inertness of the large bonded fluorine atoms.

Perfluoroelastomers contain an even higher amount of fluorine than FKM. They have improved resistance to high temperatures and chemicals and even withstand environments where Oxygen-Plasma are present for many hours. Certain grades have a maximum continuous service temperature of 327 °C (621 °F). They are commonly used to make O-rings that are used in applications that involve contact with hydrocarbons or highly corrosive fluids, or when a wide range of temperatures is encountered.


Chemraz—the ultimate elastomer for demanding oilfield applications—gives excellent sealing performance when exposed to mixes of aggressive chemicals found downhole and is often specified by operators. Special compounds have been formulated for improved resistance to rapid gas decompression and abrasion, giving significant reductions in downtime and maintenance.

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The Perlast® range of perfluoroelastomer materials are at the leading edge of polymer technology. They have been developed to offer superior sealing solutions with enhanced performance and improved functionality, which is proven in the field

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The more aggressive and unforgiving the environment, the more critical it becomes to optimise the seal design and material selection. Performance and Application requirements can now be achieved with Gapi’s comprehensive range of GPlast Perfluoroelastomers. With exceptional Chemical and Thermal resistance, they combine Sealing Performance of Elastomers with chemical resistance comparable with PTFE.

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Simriz® features wide chemical stability, similar to that of PTFE, combined with the rubbery properties of an elastomer. Specially for the processing industry, Simriz® makes a complete product range of high class FFKM material available which set new standards regarding operational safety and durability.

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Kalrez® parts last longer and seal more effectively than other elastomers in demanding processing environments.

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