Since 1972, Able O-Rings & Seals has been the name that you know and trust for gasket, seal, and o-ring solutions. Seal & Design Canada’s forty year commitment to provide better customer service, as well as a broader range of products and services, led to our decision in 2006 to combine operations with Seal & Design Inc. 
With facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Clarence, New York, the two companies provide their worldwide customers the benefit of their ISO/TS16949 certification. Both locations provide supply for automotive, medical, military, aerospace, electronics, power generation, hydraulics and many other commercial industries.
Seal & Design Canada’s facility, located in Toronto, is a 16k square foot office, warehouse, and manufacturing space. Due to its size, which is designed to accommodate customers effectively and efficiently,  the building also offers a retail space to visit and see our products first hand and speak to one of our experts. 

Seal & Design Canada Vision:

To become a global leader in sealing products and service while ensuring the Pride, Professionalism, Respect, Responsibility, Accountability and Involvement demanded by our employees and customers are exceeded.

Our Sales Team

Donavin Marques

Account Representative​

Greg Keenan

Outside Sales

Greg Wigner

Outside Sales

Matt Pacella

Senior Account Representative

Michael Medeot

Account Representative

Michelle Langridge

Accounting Manager / HR

Naweed Qadirian

Account Representative

Raj Ramkumar

Outside Sales

Richard Brown

Account Representative

Vincent Vidaic

General Manager

Core Values


S – Self Motivated but Team Driven

E – Engaged, Involved & Professional

A – Adaptable & Responsible

L – Loyal & Accountable

S – Sincere & Respectful to All Stakeholders

Seal & Design Canada Culture Statement:

Respect – We strive to respect all stakeholders involved with our day to day business. This includes respect for Employees, respect for Vendors, respect for Customers and respect for our Facility (Home)

Team – We will maintain a united team presence even in the face of adversity. We will display the loyalty desired in all aspects of our business.

Accountability – We will maintain our accountability to ourselves, to each other and to ALL stakeholders

Responsibility – We are all held responsible to our own decision (Good or Bad Result) as well as to helping each other grow personally and professionally (being able to look ourselves in the mirror and accept growth suggestions).

Professionalism – How we carry ourselves while representing our Able Brand is of the upmost importance. Not just clothes but the culmination of all these points above. Be BIGGER than our worst experience.

Pride – We will take great pride in all elements of what we do including Quality, Customer service, Reliability, Diversity and Professionalism

Involvement – We will ensure all stakeholders are to be treated equally no matter the job description or relationship.

Help us make your online orders better with a quick survey.

Help us make your online orders better with a quick survey.