O-Rings in Canada

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O-Rings In Canada

Seal & Design is a world-class seal & gasket manufacturer and a name you can trust for gasket, seal and o-ring solutions.  Technical sealing has been defined by DIN Standards as follows:

  • Static Seal – The sealing action created between two mating surfaces with no leakage of liquid or minimal diffusion of gas.
  • Dynamic Seal – The mating surfaces have relative movement with minimal leakage of liquid (useful to protect the sealing efficiency, acting as lubricant)

The simple shape is the main characteristic of an o-ring which, in conjunction with proper elastomer selection results in an efficient and low cost sealing system. They can be made of a wide variety of compounds and materials. Elastomeric materials, when compressed, react like a high viscosity fluid which transmits applied stress in every direction. The o-ring serves as a barrier, blocking the leak paths between the sealing surfaces.

O-Rings offer many advantages over other sealing systems. For example, they offer a simple construction, standardized seal dimensions, compatible with both static and dynamic applications, standard dimensioning of glands, low cost due to high volume manufacturing.

Read more about o-ring details here.  At Seal & Design Canada location we offer o-rings in a wide variety of materials such as Viton, EPDM, Nitrile and more. Let us help you with your next project and sealing needs. Contact us today!

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Help us make your online orders better with a quick survey.