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Elementor #221438

Seal & Design and EV in Automotive Posted on: What is EV in Automotive? Electric vehicles, or EVs as they’re commonly known, have been making …

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BISCO Silicones 2023

Bisco Silicones For Industrial Use Posted on: BISCO® silicones are a type of silicone rubber material that has gained widespread use in various industries. These materials …

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Thermal Gap Fillers 2023

Thermal Gap Fillers 2023 Posted on: Gap fillers, also known as thermal gap pads, are a specialized type of thermal management material that are used …

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UL Certifications

What is UL Rating and why is it important? Posted on: Safety is Important. Any business owner can tell you that the safety of your …

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Seal & Design and EV Charging Stations

Seal & Design and EV Charging Stations Posted on: EV Charging Stations According to Forbes, in Q2 2022, Electric vehicles (EVs) sales accounted for 5.6% …

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Electrical Performance Around Enclosures

Electrical Enclosure Gaskets and Seals What is an Electrical Enclosure Gasket and Seal? Electrical and other cabinet applications requiring sealing often need low compression set, …

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EMI Gaskets

EMI Gaskets & Shielding What are EMI Gaskets? EMI gaskets are used in many electronic devices that require shielding. These types of gaskets were previously …

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Car Battery

HEV Enclosures​

HEV Enclosures Posted on: Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery enclosures require reliable seals and impact protection. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) draw on the strength of both …

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ArmaFlex Ultra

A Closer Look At ArmaFlex® Ultra​

Insulation is a key material in the world we live, work and play in. Yet, as our world changes. it can be challenging for engineers, contractors, and distributors to remain aware of these evolving requirements. It is especially important that specifiers..

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Acoustic Foams​

Acoustic Foams Posted on: What is acoustic foam? Acoustic foam is an open celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airbone sound waves, reducing …

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thermal material

Advantages of Thermal Gap Fillers​

Advantages of Thermal Gap Fillers Posted on: What are thermal gap fillers? A thermal gap filler is a piece of material that gets into tiny …

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Rotary Die Cutters

Seal & Design and Rotary Die Cutters Posted on: What is a Rotary Die Cutter? A rotary die cutter allows for accurate and high-speed converting …

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