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With facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Clarence, New York, the two companies provide their worldwide customers the benefit of their ISO/TS16949 certification. Both locations provide supply for automotive, medical, military, aerospace, electronics, power generation, hydraulics and many other commercial industries.

Seal & Design Canada’s facility, located in Toronto, is a 16k square foot office, warehouse, and manufacturing space. Due to its size, which is designed to accommodate customers effectively and efficiently.

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What We Do.


Millions of o-rings in all standard AS568-B sizes.


A wide variety of gasketing products - fabricated in dozens of materials in hundreds of formulations


Hallite, SKF, Rotary, Bonded Seals, and Performance Plastics

Molded Products

Transfer, injection (LIM), and compression molded from any elastomer


Gap fillers, thermal insulators, and thermal tapes


O-Ring and gasketing material with strong chemical resistance properties

Vapor Membranes

Hydrophobic, oleophobic and hydrophilic ePTFE venting membrane materials


Fabric over foam and conductive elastomers


COVID-19 Face Shields

As a custom high volume fabricator, Seal & Design is currently manufacturing large scale productions of disposable medical face shields. All components are converted at our manufacturing plant in Clarence, New York, and available fully assembled or supplied as a DIY kit to assemble.

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COVID-19 Silicone Applications

Silicone Engineering is a critical infrastructure industrial manufacturer, vital to national safety and defense.  We are also an essential COVID-19 component producer. 

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